Our Story

Myriad Coffee

There is something romantic about having a pour over bar where we can express a myriad of coffees from around the world & from multiple roasters. In approximately three minutes of brewing, it is profoundly astonishing to imagine that just months ago these beans were cherry fruit from another country.

We love doing things with passion, sincerity & fun, genuine, energetic connections. Our approach to brewing coffee is meticulous. We take in consideration water temperature, grind size, time of brew, days off roast & coffee to water ratio. We want to pursue & elevate standards everyday.

All of that doesn't matter without you. You are why we do what we do. We live in a time that challenges all communities worldwide with fires, floods, viruses & if we can do our small part to help everyday day become a winning battle, well, then we accomplish our mission : to help the world smile while brewing delicious coffee.